Happenings in Niseko Before Winter

Aug 19, 2019

Can you believe there's less than 100 days before play? We're so excited for Winter 2019-2010, we've already started making plans! Make sure you have already made yours as well and book your accommodation early to score some special offers and get a spot!

Before winter comes, there are still so many fun activities happening around Niseko that we all should never miss! Scroll below and check out all these activities!

Hirafu Matsuri - August 23, 2019

Don't miss out on one of the biggest Summer nights in Niseko. Mark your calendar and join us this Saturday, August 23, 2019 at Hirafu Festival 2019. Meet locals and check out food stalls by local restaurants in Niseko. There will be a variety of seafood and local produce you can try. At night time, you will also have a chance to watch the Bonfire dancing and fireworks display!

The festival venue is at Sun Sports Land Kutchan and will start at 12 noon until 12 midnight.

Photo By Niseko Dot Com

Jaga Matsuri - August 24, 2019

Another exciting event you should check out is the Kutchan Jaga Matsuri. This is another summer festival that celebrates the harvesting of Niseko's number one produce -- potatoes. Come and enjoy live music and street food, and watch dance groups perform on the main street in their yukata. There will also be fireworks at the end of the night!

Mountain Biking in Grand Hirafu - September

Get your fix with a 1,400 meter long Flow Trail suitable for all levels, or the 3,000 meter single track with around 475 meter suitable for intermediate and advanced riders. The courses are open until September 23, 2019. To find out more, click here.

Niseko Autumn Food Festival - September 12 - 15, 2019

On September 12-15, 2019, taste the best of Niseko's flavors by joining the Niseko Autumn Food Festival happening at the Hirafu Cross Section, Hirafu #3 parking, right across Rhythm Japan. This event will showcase Niseko's twelve most famous restaurants, bars, and cafes. This includes:

  • An Dining
  • Black Wood Grill
  • DNA
  • Jam Bar
  • Klass Kitchen
  • Koharuya
  • Niseko Pizza
  • Toshiro's Bar
  • Mick's
  • Cedar Coffee Co.
  • Niseko Green Farm
  • G20 Special Shitibeshi Food Stand

If you love trying out a variety of special local dishes, this is something you should never miss!

Hanazono Golf - November

In a magnificent natural setting with outstanding water features, birch forest and stunning vistas of Mt. Yotei, this 18-hole course will challenge even the best golfers. Learn more about the Hanazono Golf Course here.

Hanazono Golf