Niseko Summer Art Festival

Jun 28, 2018

This coming August, the second annual Niseko Summer Art Festival will be returning and an exquisite selection of art from a range of innovative, upcoming and established Japanese and international artists will be presented.

This is an 11-day event that will include photography, ceramics, sculptures, paintings and more, which will be exhibited in two different locations around Hirafu, Niseko.

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This event that started last year attracted around 600 guests. The number of guests -- both domestic and international -- this year is expected to be doubled.

Here is a list of key artists who will exhibit over 100 art pieces:


1. Kan Yasuda
2. Asuka Kunimatsu
3. Kineta Kunimatsi
4. Motoka Watanabe

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1. Shinbei Sakakura
2. Hiroshi Nakamura
3. Masatoshi Shimada
4. Seigo Minami


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1. Yoko Arano
2. Shusui
3. Natsuki Kubo

Hanging Vase

1. Kazutoshi Nakajima


1. Shoko Sakuma


1. Season Lao
2. Soshin
3. Ikuya Sasaki

Japanese Painting

1. Chinami Komazawa


1. Misaki Toki
2. Rikya Oizumi
3. Yuhi Kazama


1. Harumi Kodama


1. Midori Imazu


1. 24K


1. Iga Shin


1. Sachiko Kunimatsu

Art Event Schedule

This event will take place from the 3rd until the 13th of August. There will be an opening (on the first day) and a closing (on the last day) party and all daily events will be accompanied by music performed by local artists such as the Takenami group and Moro group, as well as foreign artist Syv Bruzeau.


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