Witness The Way of The Sword (28.02.2017)

Feb 17, 2017

If you missed Furuya Sensei the last time, worry not as the iaido master is back with more stealthy sword-wielding techniques. So come on over to SHIKI Lobby and catch Furuya Sensei live as he presents you a slice of the action!

Iaido Feb 28 1
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Lan Lan's Journey of Handcrafted Art

Jan 14, 2017

While born a Japanese and moved to Germany just as she was 6 months old, Lan Lan discovered that home is where the heart is. After spending many years living abroad, she has found love in the heart of Niseko, Hokkaido.

Lan Lan made Niseko her home ever since, and continued to discover herself by expressing her creativity through hand-crafted art, creating handmade message cards for friends, special occasions, and eventually for those who want their precious memories and moments materialised with ink and paper.

Join Lan Lan on her journey of handicrafts for a personalised work of art, only at SHIKI lobby.

For more information on Lan Lan, visit her website at lanlan-art.weebly.com